Skating Rinks

Rink Locations 

View a list of Anoka rink locations.

Snow Clearing

Rinks will be cleared of snow as soon as possible, but not until the snow has stopped falling. Clearing sidewalks is the number one priority after a snowfall. There are shovels at the rinks if skaters want to clear the snow off the ice. It is not the responsibility of the rink attendant to clear the rinks ; they are responsible for keeping the warming house entrance and exit clear of snow. 

Flooding Procedures

All skating rinks are cleaned and surfaced every other day, weather permitting. Rinks cannot be surfaced during the following conditions:

  • Extreme cold (negative 10 degrees and lower) - flooding at extremely cold temperatures causes ice to crack and boil
  • Extreme warm (25 degrees and higher) - flooding in warm weather results in puddling and uneven surfaces
  • High winds and blowing snow - flooding under these conditions causes poor ice, air pockets, and ripples
  • Snowfall

Warming House Hours


Weather and ice permitting, this is the general schedule only and is subject to change based on ice conditions and facility usage. Schedule changes will be posted at the warming house and on this site. Warming House supervision is generally provided at the above locations during the following hours but may change due to staffing availability.

Regular Schedule

When school is in session, the schedule is as follows:

Monday through Thursday4 to 8 pm
Friday4 to 9 pm
SaturdayNoon to 9 pm
SundayNoon to 8 pm

School Release Schedule

When school is not in session, the schedule is as follows:

Daily (unless otherwise noted)Noon to 9 pm
December 24Noon to 5 pm
December 25Closed
December 31Noon to 5 pm
January 1Closed

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. DayNoon to 8 pm

President’s Day

Noon to 8 pm

No School Day

Noon to 8 pm


Warming house/Rink rental (exclusive use) opportunities are available before and after hours. Please call the Public Services Department 763-576-2980 for availability and pricing. 


  • No hockey sticks on general rinks
  • No horseplay
  • No loitering
  • No profanity or obscene language
  • No smoking
  • No throwing snow on ice or in building


  1. Cold Weather
  2. Warm Weather

Rinks/warming houses will be closed or may close early if air temperatures are negative 10 degrees or colder, or if the wind chill is negative 30 degrees or colder. Rinks may also close in the event of a wind chill advisory.  The Recreation Supervisor will determine all rink closures.

If the temperatures fall throughout the course of the day or evening it maybe necessary to close facilities earlier than posted.

Skater safety is our main priority. Frost bite can occur in as little as 15 minutes when wind chill is negative 20 or below. Please refer to the Wind Chill Chart (PDF).

Contact Us

If you have questions/concerns regarding skating rink operations, please contact the City of Anoka Public Services Department at -763-576 - 2980. The office is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm.