Waterfowl Hunting

The City of Anoka has established a Waterfowl Hunting Zone along Kings Island on the Mississippi River.

BlindsDuck Blind at Mississippi River

The Minnesota Waterfowl Association and Federal Cartridge have donated/installed 2 accessible waterfowl hunting blinds within the zone that are first come first use. Please allow hunters with disabilities the first opportunity to use the blinds. You may access the blinds from the Mississippi River Trail or from the water.

Additional Rules

  • Guns must be cased while walking to and from the blind or hunting zone
  • Hunters are responsible for adhering to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Federal hunting regulations
  • If hunting from shore, be sure to be within the designated hunting zone
  • No hunting from the channel or interior on the island
  • No hunting within 500 feet of structures
  • You do not need a permit from the City of Anoka to hunt within the designated hunting zone on Kings Island.