Fast Track Interconnection Process

Before You Begin

Before starting the process, make sure you are using the correct Interconnection Application using the first two tables in the "How To Get Started" section of the Interconnecting Distributed Energy Resources (DER) page.

Standard Interconnection Application

Instructions and Submission Forms

After it has been determined to go with the Fast Track Process, and to use the Standard Interconnection Application,  complete the following steps to continue your solar panel installation request. 

  1.  Send $100  non-refundable application fee payable to City of Anoka along with the  customer name and installation address for reference. Pay one of two ways: 
    1. Mail to the address of:

      Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU)
      Attn:  DER Coordinator
      501 Pierce Street
      Anoka, MN 55303

    2. Pay over the phone for a small phone fee. See our Rate Sheet for current Convenience fee on non-present payment charges. Call the city's Finance Receptionist to make a "Solar Fee Payment" with reference to the installation address.
  2. Complete the Standard Interconnection Application (PDF).
  3.  Complete the Uniform Contract for Cogeneration and Small Power Production Facilities (PDF).
  4.  Create a One-line Diagram (PDF).  This is a  diagram of the proposed Distributed Energy Resource (DER) system showing the point of common coupling, PCC, to the Area EPS Operator’s Distribution System. See the Information Required on the One-line Diagram (PDF)
  5. Obtain Manufacturer's Specs/Specification sheets. 
  6. Create a Site Layout of the proposed DER system. 
  7. Obtain a copy of current Homeowner's Insurance, scan and save a digital copy. (follow Insurance Requirements (PDF).
  8. Obtain a copy of the Electrical Permit from the proper jurisdiction. 
  9. Obtain a copy of the Building Permit from the proper jurisdiction. 
  10. Scan or save all files from steps two through nine electronically, then submit using the Standard Interconnection Application Submission Form.
  11. Wait for approval.  After the Application Fee and Standard Application Submission Form are both received, the review process will start at AMU.  If all items are complete and acceptable, an email with the master electrician's approval will be sent to either the AMU customer or the designated Application Agent, then installation may begin.
  12. Upon approval, customer should submit payment for a meter fee,  which is calculated at 75% of the meter cost at today's rate and updated as prices change. Request a current price for the meter using our Meter Cost-Estimate Request Form. Type of meter will be based on the type and size of required meter needed for the specific interconnection project.  See step one for payment methods and process.
  13. After meter payment has been submitted, schedule a time to disconnect power at the project site in order to install the new interconnection meter using our Disconnection of Power Scheduling Form

After installation is complete, follow these steps before commissioning.

  1.  Complete the Certificate of Completion (PDF). This must be signed by the Electrical Inspector. 
  2. Obtain Electrical Inspection Report from proper jurisdiction.
  3. Submit the completed  Inspection Report and Certificate of Completion using the Certificate of Completion Submission Form.
  4. Schedule the Anti-islanding Test appointment required to commission the interconnection using our Anti-islanding Scheduling Form.


  • Meter seals are NOT to be cut by contractors or by homeowner(s) and MUST be scheduled through our AMU office. Contact us at the Anoka Municipal Shop. 
  • If you wish to have a production meter installed, which is not required,  we can provide one for $40.00 . Please let our Master Electrician know in advance. Thank you!

Additional Questions

Additional information can be found on our Distributed Generation Policy (PDF). Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  page or contact us at Anoka Municipal Shop for further questions.