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  2. Image of COVID 19 Virus

    COVID-19 Update

    An update from our Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU) Director to all of our valued customers. What does is mean to have a public power provider when a nationwide pandemic occurs? Plus more information on how to contact Billing Representatives. Read more about COVID-19...
  3. Cherry Picker Performing Maintenance on Power Lines

    Tree Branches in Power Lines

    AMU has hired Carr's Tree Service to remove any necessary interference with Anoka's power lines. Read more about Trees in the Power lines...
  4. Rounds Up for Change

    Round Up for Change

    Round up your utility bill payment to support local charitable organizations. Read more about Round Up for Change...
  5. Utility Substation

    Champlin Substation Redesign

    Redesign and construction of the Champlin Substation is finally complete! Read on... Read more about Substation Redesign...
  6. Lineman holding reused meter birdhouse creation for Spring 2020 Build-A-Birdhouse event.

    Build-A-Birdhouse With a Lineman Event

    We still plan to host the Build-A-Birdhouse with a Lineman Event Read more about Build-A-Birdhouse Event...
  7. Windmill in process of refurbishment

    Anoka Windmill Refurbished and Running!

    The Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) has finished the process of refurbishing the Anoka windmill... Read more about the Anoka Windmill...
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