Liquor Operations

Welcome to Better Values Liquor Stores. 

City Operation & Profits

Better Values Liquor Stores are city-owned and operated.

Profits from your purchase stay in the City of Anoka to help aid in maintaining city parks and keeping property taxes at lower rates. Funds are set aside for the Parks Department and contributed to the city’s capital improvement fund.  This means that the residents of Anoka pay less in property taxes than some surrounding communities.

Control of Alcohol Sales

Control of alcohol sales by the City prevents underage purchasing - purchasing is refused to anyone under the age of 30 years old without proper proof of age identification and to individuals who appear to be intoxicated.


You may be surprised by the heart-healthy wine selections available.  Plus we have two big wine sales, one in the spring and one in the fall.  In addition. we host the Anoka Halloween Wine Tasting event each October.


Find our advertised specials on the Specials and Promotions page and in the Smart Money insert within the Anoka Shopper newspaper.