Virtual Open House - 2021 Swede Town SRP Project


The official feedback period for the virtual open house will end on December 11, 2020.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions a virtual open house will be available for the public to view materials that would have been presented at a live open house. Materials show here will remain available throughout construction.

What is the purpose of this virtual open house?

  • Provide an overview of the Street Renewal Project that will happen in 2021
  • Provide an opportunity to solicit input/feedback and to submit questions about the project

What can I do in this virtual open house?

This virtual open house includes a short, pre-recorded presentation, display boards, a feedback form, assessment information, and materials to review. The information here will be made available throughout the project, but we ask that you submit comments and questions related to this virtual open house no later than December 11, 2020.

We are requesting that all comments and questions related to this virtual open house and project
 be submitted no later than December 11, 2020.

  1. Background Information

The Street Renewal Program (SRP) began in 2000, and has reconstructed over 32% of the city’s roadway system. This program was developed to reconstruct streets that are in poor condition including the bituminous surfacing, concrete curbing, and poor stormwater surface drainage. This also includes replacing the existing sanitary sewer, watermain, and storm sewer that has aged and deteriorated over time. This infrastructure has reached the life expectancy that is typically around 70 years. 

The SRP project area for 2021 is proposed to be approximately 0.44 miles of fully reconstruction in the Swede Town Neighborhood at an estimate cost of $1,867,000. The project will involve the complete reconstruction of the pavement, concrete curb & gutter, watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, service laterals, existing sidewalks, driveway aprons, and street lights along the following streets; 6th Avenue from Jackson Street to Harrison Street, School Street from 150 feet west of 6th Avenue to 7th Avenue and Van Buren Street from 6th Avenue to 7th Avenue.

Street Renewal Program Proposed Project Location Map

Below are the PDF versions of the videos above.

  1. Review Supporting Materials
  1. Infrastructure Changes

This project is proposing a number of new infrastructure changes which consist of the following: 

  • Watermain extension on School Street, click here to view the exhibit
  • A new street light mid-block on 6th Avenue between School Street and Van Buren Street, click here to view the exhibit
  • A new street light mid-block on 6th Avenue between Van Buren Street and Harrison Street, click here to view the exhibit
  • A new street light mid-block on Van Buren Street between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue, click here to view the exhibit
  • Installation of surface mounted electrical components including switch moles and transformers, click here to view these exhibits
  1. Special Assessment Information

Special assessments are a charge imposed on properties for a particular improvement that benefits the owners of those selected property. Based on Minnesota Statues Chapter 429, the city has the authority to “levy and collect assessments for the project upon property benefited thereby”.

The typical residential property assessment is approximately $8,110. 

Assessments are proposed to each benefiting property within the project area limits. The assessments for the street reconstruction will be according to the City’s Street Reconstruction Assessment Policy. The proposed residential assessment rate for 2021 will consist of a $3,800 street unit assessment and a $21 per lineal foot street assessment. Each residential property will be assessed for a water service ($1,370) and sanitary sewer service ($1,260) that is being installed from the new mains to each property line. 

For example, a typical 80 foot residential lot would pay the following proposed assessment: 

Street Unit Assessment

Street Footage Assessment ($21 x 80’)

$ 3,800

$ 1,680

Water Service Unit Assessment

$ 1,370

Sanitary Sewer Service Unit Assessment

$ 1,260

Total Assessment:

$ 8,110

Assessments are levied over a 10-year period at a 5% interest rate. The annual payment for an $8,110 assessment is approximately $1,057. 

For all other properties, including but not limited to, four or more unit residential properties along with commercial, industrial, school and church properties will be double the amounts presented above, with the exception of the sanitary sewer unit assessment.   

The city of Anoka encourages eligible property owners who may have a hardship with a special assessment to apply for deferral.  Please review the following qualifications regarding the possible deferment of a special assessment.

Deferral is possible if application is made and:

  1. The property upon which the assessment is levied is homestead; and
  2. The homestead property is owned by:
    • A person at least 65 years of age on January 1st of the payment year, for whom it would be a hardship to make payments, OR
    • A person who is retired by virtue of a permanent and total disability for whom it would be a hardship to make the payments.

If you have further questions regarding the assessment or deferment options, contact the Anoka Assessing Department at (763) 576-2730.

  1. Project Schedule

The following is the proposed project schedule:


October 5th  

City Council Authorized Feasibility Report

November 30th  

Virtual Open House Begins & ends December 9th 

December 21st  

City Council Approves Feasibility Report, Sets Date for Public Improvement Hearing and Assessment Hearing


January 5th  

Mail Hearing Notices to Property Owners

January 19th  

City Council Holds Public Improvement Hearing and Assessment Hearing and Orders Preparation of Plans and Specifications

February 16th   

City Council Approves Plans and Specifications and Authorizes Advertisement for Bid

March 16th  

Open Bids at City Hall @ 11:00 am

April 5th   

City Council Approves Bids and Awards Contract


Start Construction

October 22nd 

Construction Substantial Completion

October 29th 

Construction Final Completion

  1. Underground Irrigation Systems

Construction activity will disrupt the boulevards where an irrigation system may be installed. We feel that as a part of the project, it is our responsibility to restore the systems we have been notified about. The City of Anoka will hire an irrigation system contractor to disconnect your system when the project begins and restore the system at the end of the project. 

Click here to fill out a brief questionnaire, which will provide notice to the city that your property has an irrigation system.  

Regrettably, if we do not receive acknowledgement that you have an irrigation system by the time construction starts this spring, it will be your sole responsibility to repair your own system. Click here to fill out a brief questionnaire.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

Click the video or PDF below to find answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is still not answered, please refer to the next tab, Submit a Question or Provide Feedback.

  1. Submit a Question or Provide Feedback

If you have feedback,  questions, or concerns, click here to fill out the resident feedback form and a project team member will reach out to you. You can also email project questions to via email at